To Someone I Love

Someone I love dearly has had a rough time for the last few months. Longer, really, but these months have been particularly stressful and emotional. Things are looking up a bit now, but the solutions are imperfect (as most things in life are), and this beautiful soul who I love is learning the painful lesson that sometimes there are no fully right answers, and sometimes even the people we love the most are so deeply flawed that they will never be who we need them to be.

I can’t shield her from that reality, as much as I want to. And probably, I shouldn’t, anyway. She pointed this out to me herself a few weeks ago – precocious little old soul that she is – when I expressed to her how much I wish I could have protected her from this pain. She was more quiet and thoughtful than I’ve ever seen her when she replied that she believes that what she is experiencing right now is important, somehow. That it is making her stronger, and better. That maybe it will allow her to help others in the future.

She’s right, of course.

Doesn’t stop me from wanting to fix it for her, though.

I was thinking about this today when something came back to me – a scene at the end of a Buffy episode, about learning that sometimes the more you know, the harder it is to get it right. It’s a great little piece of dialogue, and I want to share it: Lie to Me

And then there’s this song that also makes me think of her: Rise Up

You’re gonna move mountains, baby girl. And I’ve got your back every step.